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5 reasons why 2018 is the year to finally buy a DRONE

The first quarter of 2018 is bye-bye. And guess what prospective drone purchasers? The business for consumer drones isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. On the contrary, it’s growing at a lively pace. Proceeding into 2017, the market was forecasted to hit almost $1 billion in purchases. By the end of 2018, that figure is anticipated to rise well over $1 billion!

That is a lot of drones operating in the atmosphere in the year coming up. Why are people going gaga goo-goo over drones and purchasing them at such rapid rates? So much so, that people such as Norman Salas, ( CEO & Founder of www.NormsDrones.com), found himself and his dedicated team constantly updating their website with in-stock drones that were ready to ship. Has the world gone drone crazy? What is so neat regarding drones that men, women, boys, and girls are ALL going online to reputable stores such as NormsDrones and gobbling them all up like it’s the end of the world?

I will give you a snapshot of 5 unconventional ways drones are being used. While many simply purchase drones because they are so enjoyable to operate, there is also the profit-making angle that are driving people to purchase drones. Most profit makers are using their drones mainly for photography or videography purposes, while others have gotten super duper creative with the way they use drones.

One of the more popular drones for 2018


1.Give your photography business a huge razor-sharp edge!

1. Give your Photography business a razor sharp edge

The picture speaks for itself. If you are a professional photographer, purchasing a drone will take your business to new heights (no pun intended)! You now have unlimited vantage points in where you can take pictures or record HD video. Wedding outside on the beach? Imagine a drone taking lifelong memories of that event. It would be spectacular! Want to purchase your first drone and market yourself as a drone photographer/videographer? Visit www.NormsDrones.com and finally make your dreams come true.



2. Because it’s pure-pleasure and nothing but FUN flying drones!

For the best adventures yet!

2.  The FAA will be rolling out new consumer-oriented regulations that limit what you can do with a drone. But they are limited regulations that shouldn’t interfere too much at all with you buying your first drone and flying it. YOU ARE IN FULL CONTROL. Drone designated areas at parks all across the United States are popping up everywhere. Enthusiast clubs that “all hail the drone”, are a big reason behind the push for public parks to declare “DRONE ONLY AREAS” which consist of usually several acres where you and your machine can get acquainted and have the time of your life!  So get yours now at www.NormsDrones.com and start enjoying or improving your life again (they are indeed a proven stress reliever and they also make impressive HIGH SCHOOL graduation presents.)

3. Make your social media platforms shine like never before!

If you study at your social media feed, you’ll find more and more industries, and even people, seizing grand views from way up above. Capturing your hands on your own drone is quite easy, and can be an entertaining way to set yourself apart from your rival(s). Virtually everywhere you look now, you can find compelling videos and photographs of panoramas, ranges, ballparks, and municipalities.

In the older days, brands could only get this type of imagery by chartering an overpriced helicopter pilot and cinematographer for a few moments at a time. And you remained at the kindness of shifting weather patterns, which could surely ravage your prospects of getting shots of sunny sights. All the guesswork and rescheduling of aviation is enough to discourage anyone from acquiring such shots. But with the arrival of the drone, this dilemma has decreased.

4. Drone Races are becoming the next best hobby!

ESPN has been covering drone racing for some time now. Other networks are realizing that drones are not a fad and are only increasing exponentially every year in sales. Get yourself an awesome drone at Norm’s Drones www.NormsDrones.com and get yourself competing against other enthusiasts. So who’s gonna get that coveted #1 spot? Well then, may the best man win!

5. Drones are becoming more and more AFFORDABLE every year. Really!

Consumer drones now fluctuate from as low as $45 to as steep as $3,200 or more. But the less costly drones are steadily becoming better and easier to fly. Just one stop at www.NormsDrones.Com and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about here.

Even $50 drones and below like the Syma X5C come outfitted with a camera and some exceptional highlights like return-to-home. That’s pretty astonishing for a sub $50 quadcopter.

And, while the Syma X5C doesn’t possess the most astounding camera setup (shoots in 720p and doesn’t have a gimbal to uphold video), it convinces you that affordable drones are both intelligent and advancing practically every 2-3 months.


Thanks for reading and see you next time around  – Norm


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